Friday, March 22, 2013

TGIF Everyone!  Most of you know my second passion is knitting.  These lovely dishcloths have been mailed to their new owner.  Since spring is here, I decided to knit a butterfly and I love to cable.  The green dishcloth is called "crisscross". 

Come back next week to view Issachar!


  1. Those are too pretty to wash dishes with.

  2. Too cute!! I wish I could knit!

  3. Thank you ladies.

    Joy, if there is a knitting/craft store in your area they will offer a knitting class. I am getting ready to knit me up a scarf since AC Moore had their yarns on sale. Will post a picture later this week. Take care yall.

  4. Both of them are very pretty!

  5. both of them are awesome.
    I am learning to knit on looms. Have you ever done loom knitting?
    I donot knot know anything about needle knitting lol. I just think the clothes are so cute and I want to learn how to do the designs in them like the butterfly in yours. I love the cloths you have sent me through exchanges and yes I use them so much they are falling apart lol lol.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  6. These dish clothes are awesome. I really love the green pattern, and the butterfly is cute. Where did you find the patterns for these, or did you design them youself.Happy crafting. Ruthie