Monday, February 24, 2014

Doc Hudson from the Cars Movie

I have finished Doc Hudson and will be mailing it out today to be one of the cross stitch pieces applied to Thomas R's quilt for Cole's Quilt.  I loved seeing this piece come alive on the fabric.  It came out better than I thought.  I hope Thomas and his family enjoy his special quilt for years to come.  The joy of giving to a cause like this is a blessing for me. 

It is so funny, my significant other "Marv" saw a picture of this piece on my Facebook page and said "Tywanna, Doc Hudson is not straight."  I had to chuckle and told him the words were straight, it is because of the way I had the fabric laying when I took the picture. 

Come back to check out my other stitching project I am working on.  Love some stitching!


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