Monday, January 30, 2012

I am back.....I became lazy with my stitching. Isn't this one good looking cross stitch, right in time to Honor all our veterans and soldiers, plus with February (Black History Month) around the corner, right in time to Honor all the black men that served back in the days and were not recognized for their services or hardwork. I am hear to say Thank You for a job well done!

Stay tune for the next cross stitch art work, Buffalo Soldier, that will be posted mid-February. 
The following are two cross stitching that I had done many many years ago and both were framed by me.  I plan on stitching
Women's Work again for myself.  The colors are brilliant, and the baby on the mother's back is just awesome.  What we women go through for our families!

                        Women's Work (given to my hairdresser)

Mickey & Minnie (given to my male coworker as a gift to him and his wife's new baby daughter)


  1. Wow absolutely beautiful thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Thank You. I love your cards and have been trying to leave you a message to find out if you sell your cards?

  3. Thanks Tywanna - no I do not sell my cards - I am not ready to take that step yet lol - thanks again!!!

  4. Fantastic job on your finishes.