Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trayvon Martin

I am asking everyone that reads my blog to post the link and a picture of Trayvon Martin on your homepages, blogs, websites, just post it.
Everytime I see this beautiful picture, it rips out my heart.  The reason is because this young man should be alive today, smiling today and with his family today.  Instead he is dead, due to the foolishness of the killer, George Zimmerman, a 28 year old man.  From what I have seen on the news, this young boy was minding his own business, went to the store to get a snack and was confronted "not confronted", but PURSUED by his killer, because the killer felt this young man should not have been in his community.  What the hell?  Who has given George Zimmerman the right to say who can and should walk in his community?  It just sickens me that a grown tail man (because I do not want to cuss) pursued and killed this young boy that wasn't doing nothing but minding his own business, talking on his cell phone to his girlfriend and returning home to family.  The way I see this is that George Zimmerman provoked this young man (just like if it was you or me, we would have been provoked by an overgrown big tail man), yeah maybe a fight did ensure or words were exchanged..... but whose fault is that?  I guarantee you it wasn't the fault of Trayvon Martin, because he was 1) talking on the cell phone and even mentioned to the person on the cell phone that he was being followed by some guy.  My Lord, and you people tell me "where is the justice when someone can shoot another person, not get arrested, and go home like nothing has happened?"  Where is that justice people?  I do not care if Florida has that Stand Your Ground law.  George Zimmerman took this law out of context.  Now it is time to show George Zimmerman that justice will be served.  Not only show George Zimmerman, but it is time to revamp the police chief and get a new police chief that will follow through, not turn the other cheek.  Suppose it was their child?  Trust me, they would not be taking this laying down. 

The link under Trayvon Martin's picture is where you can go and sign the petition to bring justice for Trayvon.  I signed it yesterday and it was under 900,000 signatures now it is getting close to the 1,000,000 mark.  If you feel that you do not want to sign this petition or that you will turn the other cheek, guess what...., I hope this never happens to your child or grandchildren.  Think about it!

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