Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am going to be working on two projects at one time.  The first project is the beginning stages of my knitted socks.  Years ago, I self taught myself to knit socks.  It was very tedious and a task to try working with three needles as you see here, but the trick is there is a fourth needle that you don't see.  To make a long story short, my very first socks came out fabulous and I still have them to this day, but they have wear and tear so that is why I am pulling out the knitting needles again, because I love my knitted socks and plus you will never see them on anyone's foot unless they have knitted the same pair.  I am using one skein of the Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn.  This one skein will make two socks. 

My next project is cross stitching.  This piece is called Once Upon A Time.  I started this piece probably around the same time as I knitted my first pair of socks many years ago.  I love this piece, because it brings back memories of sitting around family telling stories.

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