Thursday, May 24, 2012

Once Upon A Time......

is finally finished.  Two completed UFOs out of four is not bad.  I have many hobbies that are turning into money making businesses.  These past weeks have been very busy for me, but the rewards have been awesome. 

Since this is a long holiday weekend, I am going to take some time out to look around my bedroom for a cd that I hide from myself.  Actually, I didn't hide it but I did put it away for safekeeping.  The cd is a pattern making.  What I am going to do is take one of my son's drawings (he likes to draw crosses) and turn it into a cross stitch.  Years ago when I used to work part-time, I had my son with me (he was about 8 or 9 yrs old) and he was standing at the counter while I was checking a guest out.  This particular guest noticed my son's drawing and asked to see it.  When he handed the drawing back to my son, he also handed my son $10.00 and said it was really good and that one day he might look up, and the guest asked my son's name, and see advertisements or store designs by Timothy.  As the years progressed, my son never took art but he doodles like his grandmother's does.  Time will tell because you never know where that adventure might take Timothy.

As far me, I am going to soak up the sun and will always have something in my hands.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it! 

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  1. Love your stitching on Once Upon A Time! Looks wonderful...congrats on the finish ;)