Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday (WW)

Weigh-in at Weight Watchers was great.  I have shedded another 2 lbs within a week.  Today, I did something for me to add as an incentive in my weight loss goal.  I bought a food scale and an exercise mat.  I have always wanted a food scale and it was on sale, yeah!  This scale is going to come in handy when it is time for me to measure my portion ounces.  I have an exercise dvd that really makes you sweat.  When I say sweat, you are sweating your buns off within 30 minutes and I have not gotten down to the abs section yet.  That's where the exercise mat is going to come in handy for my abs.  Since I have been walking and working out, I notice that my abs are going down but now I am ready to step it up by getting that firm tight belly.  Another part of my body that is going down is my butt.  Yeah, I said butt.  One morning I was walking and this lady that also walks came up to me and wanted to know how much I had lost because she said I was looking good.  When I told her, she said that she could tell I had lost weight but especially in my butt.  I took that as a great compliment.  I know there are a lot of women that wants a big butt; me, no way. 
The next thing about losing weight is that some people take a double look.  For instance today, I was walking down the hall and I happened to wave at a co-worker.  That man looked, looked, then he said is that you Tywanna?  He didn't recognize me.  Mind you, I do not mind the attention it is all fun and in good jest.  But I have run into someone from my childhood.  Marvin and I have been hanging out, just having a great time spending quality quiet times.  Doing all that quality time just sitting around watching movies on tv, cooking at home, talking about the past and present, we have not been on an actually date.  Friday is going to be our first date night.  I have dated guys in the past, but Marvin makes me think about life and look at life totally different.  Plus, he expresses himself well.  I am going to go a little bit deeper here, Marvin was the first boy that I was crazy about at age 10.  His sister and I were the same age, and I was crazy about Marvin.  After my mom and I moved from that area at age 10, I lost contact with a lot of friends.  Last year I was walking into Food Lion and guess who was coming out of Food Lion; if you said Marvin you are correct.  We spoke to one another but didn't carry on a conversation.  This year I had a chance to speak to him on speaker phone.  I only said Hi Marvin......, now this is where it gets surreal to me.  When I said those two words "Hi Marvin", there was a pause then he said is this Tywanna?  I gasped, because I was thinking to myself how does he know my voice.  In fact, I asked him that question after we started talking.  One of my closest friends said it is "destiny"! 

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