Monday, April 23, 2012

Hang in there!

Have you ever heard that expression, "when you find yourself in trouble, hang in there?"  Well this little frogger was doing just that.  While standing in my bedroom, I heard my ac unit cut on but then I heard a thud.  I knew it was nothing wrong with the ac, but I said let me see what's going on.  Take a very close look at this picture, what do you see?
Yes, do you see that frogger hanging on by a thread?  Don't despair!  I happened to look outside my window and noticed this poor frogger hanging in there, now mind you the blades were moving at that particular time.  I ran and cut the ac unit off, praying the whole time that this little fellow was still holding on.  As you can see, he was still hanging in there.  Can you image this frogger's heart rate?

 After a few minutes, the frogger decided to climb out and then paused.  I believed this frogger noticed me with my camera and probably said a silent thank-u. 

After testing the safety, this little frogger hop, hop, hop and saying his final farewell took a flying leap.  Hopefully, this little one learned a valuable lesson and will live a very adventurous long life.

Moral of the story, when faced with a challenge hang in there.  Don't give up!

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