Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is raining cats and dogs (literally not cats and dogs), but we are getting an old fashion down pour.  I know we need the rain, because over the weekend while washing clothes I was thinking to myself how much water was in my well because we have not had rain in a while.  With that thought, I limited my washing but tonight it is on.

I am posting a picture of Carolina Moon by Ginnie Thompson.  This is another piece that is on my list to be stitched.  This piece was featured in the 1978 American Cross Stitch Calendar Series.  What so amazing about this piece is that Ginnie Thompson must have been a well known household name back in 1978, so when I received the calendar I guess 3 yrs ago give or take, I did not know that for this particular piece I would have to use Ginnie Thompson threads and one DMC thread. 
So, I went on the internet and came across a flower thread converter, which helped out a lot.  So with all my cross stitch that I do not stitch right away, I decided to file this chart away. 

Couple of years later, I came across this beautiful case with lots of Ginnie Thompson threads, DMC cotton threads, etc.  You know my radar went up and I am one of those lurkers on Ebay that wait for the last minute to bid.  Yes, I won all this thread...

just to find out that for the above cross stitch piece there was only one Ginnie Thompson thread that I could use.  I am not going to call it a waste, because I paid a costly price for these threads and if I sold them again on Ebay, the price might be even higher. 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful - I love cross stitching tried it - never to your level tfs!!!