Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I want to begin by giving thanks to everything that the Lord has blessed me with and all the trials and tribulations he put me through.  I know I have posted pictures of my son on my blog, but my cup runneth over folks.  I cannot stress enough that being a single parent is hard and you have to put a lot of work into it.  What I want to say is that doing all my trials and tribulations with my son, I never gave up.  It is easy to kick our children out of our homes or send them to a boot camp, but why?  I had many people that I talked with say put him away, he is out of control and they would not be going through all that.  Really now?  I had enough Faith to trust the Lord to intervene especially after I gave my son back to him.  So I want to say to all the people that read my blog, keep Faith, hold steadfast and be consistent with talking.  Talking to me is a powerful tool (it will bring out the best or the worst in people).  I noticed when you speak the truth, a lot of people want to fuss and feel like you are throwing salt on the wound instead of taking accountability for their actions.  But enough on that, I am not hear to preach this morning.

Black History month (February) is almost over, but I want to give honor to all of the Buffalo Soldiers.  I enjoyed cross stitching this piece and the colors are brilliant.  With this piece, I feel like reaching out and softly stroking the side of this man's cheek.

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  1. We can all have faith, but knowing when to use it is the key. You knew and knew enough to hand it all over to Him...which some of us still have to learn sometimes. Continued blessings to you and your son! Great finish on your Buffalo Soldier!!