Monday, February 13, 2012

A Tribute to Me

This is a brand new week, so whatever is going on in your life, today is a good day for a change.  The past is what it is, "The Past" and that's why it is called the past.  Unfortunately, we cannot jump back into the past to undo the wrong turns, because if we could a lot of us would jump feet first including myself (especially knowing what we know now and how it can affect our lives).  Our past failures (whether it be finances, drugs, some type of disorder) we all need to try to motivate our own self, because a lot of people do not want to see you succeed (so we need to figure out how we can motivate ourselves for Change and what make us feel good).  Sometimes we bring people into our lives thinking that man or woman can complete us, when we cannot complete ourselves, so how do you think someone else is going to complete you?  I talk to my son on a daily basis about my life experiences, the wrongs I have done and the wrong people I brought into my life (hoping that somewhere in his journeys if he is faced with a particular situation that I have went through, maybe what I have expressed to him can make him do things differently).  It can take one false move and years of fixing (if it can be fixed).

Moving to the present, I have been and will continue focusing on me and making sure my son succeeds in life.  The government and people can say our children are grown at age 18, but I am here to tell you differently (not so).  Our children will always need us in some form or fashion.  No need to throw them under the bus when they turn 18.  Some of us (grown-ups) still need help, hello!  So why figure our children are better than us. 

Over the weekend a great singer with the voice, Whitney Houston, passed away.  Beautiful, classy woman, full of grace.  Paragraph one describes her, me and all the other women that have succeeded and reached stardom.  Sometimes we have to get rid of obstacles in our lives to continue to succeed and hold onto that stardom.  I pray that Ms. Houston is at peace now.  Lets keep Whitney's daughter, Bobbi, and Whitney's mother, Sissy Houston, in our thoughts and prayers. 

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