Friday, July 20, 2012

Believe - It Works

I will be heading out for the weekend pretty soon, but wanted to drop a line to those that are losing or thinking about losing weight.  Whether you have begun or starting out, don't get discourage and step on the scale every so often or at least once a week.  Moms and I get up early-early and walk 2-miles per day.  Moms is looking good, so I asked her how much have you lost......, answer was "don't know, because I do not get on the scale might get discouraged."  Ok, yesterday I walked with this lady from my mom's church and asked her the same thing about her weight and how is ww working for her......, answer was "I can feel it in my clothes, but I don't weigh myself because I don't want to get discouraged."  Do you see a trend here?  Scale and discouraged......not good...., sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to get where you need to be.  I have decided to drop in by my parent's house and sniff out the scale, put it in a noticeable place (kitchen area) and get my mom to hope on it.  I will be recording her weight each week.... I am tired of the excuses (there is another excuse that she uses that I will not mention).  Good luck to yall and I will be updating my blog Wednesday as how I did in class.

Isn't this a gorgeous picture......., thanks Kent!  I have this picture on my office wall and I swear that wolf is in 3D.  It seems like the head and the body is getting ready to step out at you.  I don't know where Kent got this picture, but it is made out of some type of wood.  Lovin' it!

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  1. Love the wolf pic.
    Just continue to encourage Mom to get on the scale.
    TFS and hope you are enjoying your weekend.