Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weight Loss

Checking-in on my weight loss.  As of today, I have lost a total of 15 lbs.  I know there are people that are watching to see if I am going to do it this time......"yes, I am!"  In the past I have been like a yo-yo (up, down, up, down), but not anymore.  Do you know it is hard work to lose weight?  During my ordeal of losing, I pulled off my bookshelf "The Me I Knew I Could Be" by Crystal Phillilps.  I have had this book for so many years that I cannot remember when I first purchased it, so you can tell by that comment that I had every intentions of losing weight years ago.  This is a great book about a woman that went from 292 lbs to a size 6.  Also, this book contains wholesome recipes with the calories breakdown, two weeks of menu and an overview from week 1 to week 16, which you can follow. 

If you are interested in reading the book I am currently reading, here it is.....

Another comment I want to make, after losing 15 lbs I can feel it in my clothes especially my pants.  I have decided I am going to lose another 10 lbs, then I will slowly upgrade my closet (throw out the old in with the new).  Cool comment coming from someone like me that shopped for everyone else except for myself.  Yep, I am looking forward to shopping.  Have a great 4th of July!


  1. YIPPEE - 15 pounds gone forever, congrats to you on that acheivment! Good idea to reward yourself when you get to 25...incentive!

    Have a great holiday

  2. Happy for you. By the way the magazine cover looks very elegant