Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yellow Sunflower / Dolls / Weight Watchers

The day I took this picture of this yellow sunflower dishcloth was the same day I mailed it to its new owner.  I decided that I would start back knitting and sell my products.  I knitted this cute sunflower on 100% cotton yarn.  This dishcloth always get rave reviews. 

Along with my other hobbies, I am a collector of dolls.  Well, I used to be anyway; I have slowed down a whole lot in purchasing dolls.

This doll is very interesting too me.  She was purchased from an estate sale, which I waited until the last minute to outbid all others.  This doll has been appraised to have been made in the early 1920s era. 

As you can see by the clothing, whomever made this doll was very detail.  I would love to know if this doll was made for a little girl, because she is in excellent condition.

and, here is just a few of my other babies.  All these dolls including the one above is kept in the bucket that you see in the background.  The bucket is really cute, minature size that I paid $1.00 for at the Farmer's Market.  I believe at that time I had purchased some peaches and asked the guy if he would be willing to sell that bucket.  I had all four dolls to the left in the bucket, but the doll above I kept on my work table.  Each afternoon I would find the doll above on the floor.  I figured either she jumped......., or my cat at the time put her there.  I will let you figure that one out.

Yesterday, I and a lady from my mom's church walked 2 miles since this was the first time we actually met and walked.  While walking around the Pilot's track there was a men's soccer game going on.  Each time we would get closer and pass the soccer field there would be a lot of whistling.  Did that feel good,...... yes, because it does a lot to a person's ego.  I can't say which one of us the whistling was for (probably both of us), but I will say this men are taking notice. 

The best thing about today is that I re-joined Weight Watchers.  I had people tell me that I didn't need to join, because I was losing weight on my own.  The reason I joined is because I really like weight watchers and the team leader was great.  Not only that, but after watching this woman in the first meeting (today) reached her weight goal and on top of that she is now officially a lifetime member of weight watchers that gave me the biggest incentive to get busy.  Becoming a lifetime member has it perks and I know that is where I want to be.  I am still losing, working out and will let y'all know how I do at my first weigh-in next week.  I am so looking forward to seeing the new me. ~ TJ ~

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  1. Congrats on joining WW! Looking forward to seeing those good reports here from you! :) And your dishtowel looks fabulous!