Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Restarting Weight Watchers feels GREAT!

Today was a great day at my Weight Watchers meeting.  Joy Ward, our ww leader, is great.  If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area and is interested in an exciting, vibrant and cheerful leader, please feel free to look her up.  She does other ww sessions.  My goal now besides losing weight, reading the ww weekly, but is also to become a lifetime member of ww.  Joy explained to me how it works and my maintenance weight goal.  Very easy since I need to be that weight size due to my height.  Now to let you all know what I am down to........, 215.4!  This week I commit to lose between 1-2 lbs. 

I am loving the new me......, and it is a long time in coming.  I can remember when I first started exercising how I hated it and would be all out of breathe just from one lap around Pilot's track.  Now, that did not even include working out to kickboxing, zumba and cardio dance.  When I first started does classes I would be outta there in 10-15 minutes.  After pushing myself, I love exercising.  In fact, I cannot wait to hit the track this evening.  My confidence is coming back yall.  When I was walking into the building where I work, this man was coming out.  I know his face but not his name.  Anyway, he held the door and as I entered he said you are looking different, I like it and you are sharp.  Before I could really say thank you, he was gone.  Don't know if he was embarassed, but it was a GREAT compliment coming from someone that I don't know or have not carried on a conversation with. 

Another great thing about eating healthy is that my son is eating what I eat.  Maybe because he doesn't have a choice, but choice-change is good.  I had bought several ww smart ones.  When I went to grab one for breakfast, I noticed some were missing.  Now mind you, there is other foods in the freezer microwaveable that might not be good.  I do buy unhealthy food, because sometimes I just have to have that taste in my mouth but I am learning to control my food portions.  That's it sensible food portion control and something that I hope to teach to my son as well.  When I asked my son about it, he said yeah and they were good.  So that made me feel good as well.  I will be picking up more ww smart ones along with stopping by the NC Farmer's Market for some great veggies/fruits. 

For all you that is looking to lose weight, my motto is "just do it".  Regardless if you mess up on a day, just remember tomorrow is a new day. ~ TJ ~

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